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Nura Clinics - Precision Pain Management

Nura Clinics - Precision Pain Management

Wellness Center | Clinic
  • 2104 Northdale Blvd NW Suite 220 Minneapolis, MN 55433

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Nura’s all-inclusive approach to chronic pain is a compelling alternative to visiting specialist after specialist in what can be a disjointed and frustrating journey to find relief. Nura’s comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach is the secret to delivering on our promise to, “get your life back.” Many people with chronic pain face a terrible choice: Endure the unendurable or embark on a long and often disheartening journey, shuffling from specialist after specialist in an attempt to find relief. This kind of piecemeal approach to fighting chronic pain can lead to frustration, addiction and worse. But now there’s Nura. We’re here to give you your life back. Fighting chronic pain typically involves dialing in a constantly changing combination of diagnostic tools and therapies, including medical procedures, physical therapy, wellness counseling and medication management. To be effective, that treatment plan has to be tailored to your own, very unique, situation and stage of recovery. While an individual specialist may be able to provide a piece or two of the puzzle, individual, stand-alone, therapies rarely provide a solution to complex chronic pain.