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De Vita Clinic of Modern Oncology in St. Petersburg

De Vita Clinic of Modern Oncology in St. Petersburg

Hospital | Clinic
  • 197183, St. Petersburg, ul. Savushkina, d. 14 "B", Russia

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  • Cancer Treatment
  • Oncology


The De Vita Cancer Clinic has all the necessary resources for modern and effective treatment of malignant tumors of various locations.  Eash Specialist of our Oncology Clinic is a professional in his field, responsible, attentive and partial. The Doctos of our oncology center are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, actively applying the latest advances in clinical oncology.

Understanding the complexity of your situation, we prescribe and conduct cancer treatment with quality, comfort and urgency. We use international protocols and recommendations of the leading organizations in the field of the study of malignant tumors - NCCN, ASCO and ESMO, adhering to the principles of evidence-based medicine.