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WellTours OHG Medical Tourism Services

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Blücherstrs. 17, D-79110 Freiburg, Germany

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  • Orthopaedic
  • Cardiac
  • IVF
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Dental Treatment
  • Neurosurgery
  • Eye Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Bariatic Surgery
  • Oncology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Gynecology


About WellTours OHG
You will not be disappointed by choosing a piece of Europe where Germany, France and Switzerland meet . It is impossible to exaggerate the many advantages of these places. It has everything: mountains, ancient cities with narrow streets, vineyards stretching out over the horizon, mineral springs, ski slopes, amusement parks, medieval fortresses, wine cellars, star restaurants and village pubs with Baden and Alsatian cuisine and much, much more.

Medicine in Germany for a long time does not need recommendations. And if you were on our page, you probably already heard about all the benefits of German medical care. We would like to draw your attention to important aspects that often remain in the background, while being very important for those who decide to be examined or treated by German doctors.

Thermal springs with hot natural mineral water are a feature of South Baden. Thanks to them resorts, re-centers, bathing complexes were built. For the sake of healing with thermal water, in combination with the warmest climate in Germany, numerous guests come here from different parts of Europe.

Freiburg's enviable location where Germany, France and Switzerland meet, provides unique opportunities to see and learn a lot. You can stroll through the old quarters of Freiburg, admire the Black Forest mountain landscapes, plunge into the medieval atmosphere of the Alsace wine road, get acquainted with Swiss landscapes and cities

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