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VeraVia Luxury Wellness Resort & Health Spa

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  • San Diego, CA, USA

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  • Yoga


Our fitness resort goal is simple: to provide you with the maximum results possible during your stay and continued results after you return home. To achieve this, our team of experts has integrated a series of components carefully selected based on scientific research and proven techniques.

Unlike other fitness retreats that focus on only one or two components of health and have large, cookie-cutter classes where you can get lost in the crowd, our guests say they love our comprehensive holistic approach that treats the whole person and our boutique size that provides them the individual attention they need to be able to get the best results for their unique goals.


We accept a limited number of guests per week to provide exceptional individual attention and so our team help each guest target their unique goals.

You’ll have a completely customized program and more one-on-one individual sessions than any other retreat to address your individual needs and challenges.

Our integrative medical team uses naturopathic and functional medical approaches to uncover and treat the root causes of your health issues while helping you understand the interconnectedness of your body symptoms.

In-depth mental wellness and behavioral health components with after-care coaching will help you create lasting behavioral changes that fit your lifestyle. Through educational workshops and one-on-one consultations, you’ll learn self-empowering techniques to help you regain control over your health and wellbeing.

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