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Tushita Yoga Retreats Nepal

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  • Pumdi-Bhumdi, Pokhara-25 World Peace Stupa-Nepal

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Mr. Rajesh Shrestha, the dreamer of a beautiful Nepal, has been continuously involved in the tourism trade since 1991. He has started the 'Tushita Group' business in order to support NPO Tushita-Nepal and various projects related to nature conservation, education, and empowerment. Imbued with the feeling "Hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray" he is striving for good changes in society. He knows the present political imbroglio/ the miserable condition of Nepal from the very proximity and the serene solution too. One can know his feeling once you go through the article and appeal written from his inner heart.

May you list our Meditation Retreat Resort, please!
TUSHITA NEPAL MEDITATION CENTER (The School of Life) is the center for Peace and bliss in the Himalayas of Nepal- the origin place of yoga & meditation. We focus more for purification and Gyana Yoga (noble wisdom) in order to connect with the Creator- Divine Source- Nature and Inner light. It is meant for those who are craving for happiness and peace…

Not blowing our own trumpet, we have a classic location, always above the cloud.
Please Watch Himalaya View from Tushita- Nepal
Altitude: 1111 m ----Always cool climate!
Beautiful sunbathing (6 am to 6 pm) with a 360-degree view.

(a) 3 mountains above 8000 meters can be seen
(b) Accommodated according to the ruling planet
(c) Ayurvedic food from our own eco farm
(d) Astrological guidance and support when people get lost
(e) Amidst nature – tranquility, world peace stupa just nearby
(f) Vedanta teachings for understanding philosophical quests

3 night 4 days full retreat package costs Euro 270 or (Rs 36,000) per person (introductory)
6 night 7 days full retreat package costs Euro 555 or (Rs, 77,000) per person (beginner)
7 night 8 days full retreat package costs Euro 678 or (Rs 88,000) per person (advance)

COST INCLUDES: Pick up transportation, private accommodation, yoga-meditation am 90 min & pm 90 min, astrological outlook, Ayurvedic cooking class, hikes, taxes, 3 Ayurvedic meals a day- fruits- juices, herb detox drink, mineral water, slipper, mattress, T-Shirt, tissue papers, Detergent washing soap, pen-paper to write, gifts etc.

LOCATION: In the heart of Annapurna Himalayas Pokhara city – Nepal. 200 km west from Kathamndu; tourist bus leaves at 7 am from just in front of Royal palace at Euro 12 and flight in every hour from 8 am to 2 pm at Euro 105. Let us know if an E-ticket is needed.
ALTITUDE: We are at 1111 m above sea level- always above the cloud. No problem of Cold although mountains are so near just 19 km away areal distance.
TEMPERATURE: Winter: Nov-Dec-Jan (8-20 degree Centigrade) Summer Jun-July-Aug Monsoon in Nepal (16 to 29-degree Centigrade)
GROUP SIZE: 6 to 9 people in order to maintain spiritual vibration and personal care. Minimum number appreciated!
RETREAT COURSE: The retreat program starts every Sunday all year-round.
FOOD & DRINKS: Ayurvedic Food only, herb juice, fruits, milk, Organic coffee, herb tea, detox drinks, organic vegetables, and fruits from our own garden.
ACCOMMODATION: One person in one room according to their ruling planet.
PACAKGAE COST : 6 night stay Euro 555 (Rs 77,00) & 7 night 8 days (advanced) retreat package costs Euro 656 / (Rs. 88,000) person.
PAYMENT: Cash on arrival is appreciated because we do not have a PayPal account and for master card payment bank charges you 5 % extra.
YOGA TYPE: GYANA YOGA, HATHA YOGA, BHAKTI YOGA, KARMA YOGA, RAJA & TANTRA YOGA (not sexual pose like people have understood in the west)
WHAT TO BRING? = Carry Bag (not suitcase) shall be easy to travel in Nepal, your personal medicine/things and just 2 extra pair of clothes (LIGHT TRAVEL), wind & rainproof jacket –trouser, (avoid black dress – if possible!) comfortable walking boots. Otherwise, you can buy anything at a reasonable cost.

NOTE: Let us know if you need a tourist bus ticket or air ticket. May you ask for other tours as Mr Shrestha is a travel book writer. Feel like your own home. . . Be cool and relaxed.

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