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Tracks Berg Travelverified

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Vision Plaza,Msa Rd,Nairobi 51980,kenya

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    Tracks Berg Travel is a registered and professional Travel company that is based in Nairobi Kenya, and operates in Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi. We specialize in all types of safaris and holiday vacations. Our team of highly qualified and motivated staff have the data in tourism and are continually offered refresher courses which provides the tipping edge within the Tourism Industry and are ready to meet all clients inquiries and solutions. Service excellence is our motto so we leave nothing to chance. We have always maintained a Professional path of quality service that make every Holiday Getaway a memorable one.

    What we do:

    Tracks Berg Travel’s Dedication, Stability and strength has enabled us to offer very competitive Rates and our Professional expertise in the Tourism Industry enables us to create tailor made packages for each of our clients, when ever required.


    Tracks Berg Travel Representative meets every visitor arriving at our Airports, Our Professional Representatives are on hand to facilitate flawless arrival and departure formalities. OUR CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY : We support and promote eco-tourism in order to ensure that our parks sensitive eco-systems are preserved. We achieve this by exploring the nature of environmental conflicts and challenges at local and national levels. Wildlife conservation is vital and we help empower the local communities to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts by improving their livestock management practices, also encouraging them to tap into conservation’s financial and social benefits. We Support under privileged children at the Mother Mercy Children Home which is based in Kenya. It’s a Non-profit making ministry that is sponsored by Mother’s Union of the Diocese of Mt Kenya South with the aim of providing basic needs like food, shelter, medical service, love and education to Vulnerable and destitute orphans. OUR GOAL : Just like our motto, “committed to Excellence” we go the extra mile to satisfy our customers by the best service according to their demands. Service excellence is our goal therefore we leave nothing to chance.  

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