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Total Lifestyle Changeverified

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Nyaku House 2nd Floor, Room 204 Hurlinghum, Argwins Kodhek road. Nairobi kenya

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    Total Lifestyle Change(TLC) is an out-patient, nutrition  and Wellness firm made up of highly experienced nutritionist dedicated to the provision of specialized nutrition care, support and therapy throughout the life cycle. Nutrition counseling and education improves overall health and is highly cost effective towards avoiding future medical cost. We achieve nutrition management through different client based approaches. The joy of eating well and aging well: Think healthy eating is all about dieting and sacrifice? Think again. Eating well is a lifestyle that embraces colorful food, creativity in the kitchen, and eating with friends. The strength of a Nation is directly related to the health of its people. Access to proper nutrition prevents illness and disease. TLC was created to promote positive lifestyle choices and draw on their experience to develop personalized nutrition and fitness plans and for individuals of all ages. Our main aim is to be the most credible source of information on food, nutrition and Wellness. To ensure the public is informed and is doing all it can to eat well and exercise. Our mission is to improve the nutritional health of the public, through education, research and public awareness initiatives that promote good nutrition and Wellness. To a great extent, what makes us healthy or unhealthy is how we are able to live our daily lives: While our specific dietary needs may vary according to our individual body types, metabolisms, and genetics, there are some basic guidelines that can be useful in determining which foods are nutritious and which are not. TLC emphasizes increased fruits and vegetables, eat the amount and combination of whole foods that are healthy especially our local, Traditional foods if possible. TLC other products include:

    • Books and articles
    • Flour Products:  Amaranth, Soya  Wimbi, (Ugali Flour, Uji Flour)
    • Indigenous vegetables
    • Groundnuts
    • Pure Honey
    • Mushrooms

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