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Nomad Health International

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava, Spain

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Well-being cannot be fragmented, it must be governed by an integrated concept where a variety of approaches must be taken into consideration. Well-being is a physical and mental state which can be learned and enhanced because it ultimately responds to daily habits. Nomad Health’s four pillars are concieved not only to improve the health status but to provide a comprehensive set of tools to use once the  programmes and events are concluded. 

This method fuses Western and Eastern approaches into each of its four core pillars: mental, physical, nutritional and therapeutical. The fusion of these four pillars governs our individual well-being programmes and events, ensuring a successful kick-start towards a healthy new lifestyle, always delivered in the most exclusive locations.

Every Nomad Health Programme and event is governed by a core concept, defined by the four fundamental pillars. The content and synergies created between them will ensure maximum results and provide a comprehensive set of tools to each participant in order to successfully shift into a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle.

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