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Neo Dentis Poland

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Starodworcowa 1e/3, 81-575, Gdynia, Poland


  • Dental Treatment


We have been providing dental services for you in Gdynia since 2010, and have been operating in the Tri-City private dental industry since 2004. Our experience allows us to offer you professional, comprehensive dental care for the whole family. In the offer of NeoDentis Gdynia, you will find the most important and most often performed dental procedures in the field of: conservative dentistry, endodontics (so-called root canal treatment), dental prosthetics, pediatric dentistry, dental surgery, implantation of dental implants, typical periodontological procedures and X-ray dental diagnostics spot and pantomographic). The overriding goal of our business in the provision of dental services is to ensure that the treatment process: gave the best results ran smoothly, was the least burdensome for the patient.