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Mercy Medical Angels

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • 4620 Haygood Road, Suite 1 Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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Welcome to Mercy Medical Angels where removing the barrier to medical care is our mission. We provide transportation on the ground and in the air to clinical care for those in need. Since 1972 Mercy Medical Angels has led the nation with charitable transportation to medical care. Today more than 17,000 free trips to medical care are provided each year, ensuring that no one in need is denied medical care because they don’t have transportation. I invite you to join our mission!

Thanks to donors like you, Mercy Medical Angels has grown from its beginnings in 1972 when the sole method of transportation consisted of a few volunteer pilots flying their own privately-owned aircraft. Over the years you have made it possible for Mercy Medical Angels to expand, meet new needs and offer different modes of transportation to where it is now the nation’s largest provider of medical transportation for those in need. You have ensured that Mercy Medical Angels has never compromised the highest standards of operational integrity and efficiency, transportation safety, public transparency and accountability. Through forty-seven years of continuous service, Mercy Medical Angels has kept a perfect safety record.

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