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Medical Tourism Corporation

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • 3824 Cedar Springs Rd, #801-4762

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Apart from the extremely attractive costs, which come to as low as 10 ~ 30 % of US costs, Jordan is one of the few countries, which due to their great diplomatic relations with other countries, allows for convenient travel. In fact, most nationalities do not even require a visa, or have access to visa-on-arrival facilities. Also, the high-quality standards in healthcare in Jordan, vouched for by the numerous international and domestic accreditations most hospitals have earned, ensure that visitors get only the best. Jordan has its own healthcare accreditation council in place, which is itself accredited by the ISQua, ensuring that healthcare in the country meets international standards. Medical tourism in Jordan has seen an increase over the years, mainly due to the high level of expertise provided by hospitals in the country. Apart from state of the art technology, a number of doctors in the leading hospitals in Jordan are certified by the American Board or UK fellowship. Also, numerous measures have been taken to ensure there is no language barrier for visiting patients, with most hospitals training staff in English, Arabic as well as Russian.

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