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Medical Stay Group - All For A Perfect Experience

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Barcelona, Spain 14th, Gelabert Street 08029 Barcelona

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Medical Stay Group is the first private and independent company dedicated to Medical Tourism management in Spain, hadquartered in Barcelona and affiliated in Madrid. We have also recently opened office partners in RDC, Nigeria, Belgium, Angola among other countries. Medical Stay Group was created in response to an increasing interest and demand of Spain’s health and medical services by patients, phisicians and medical tourism facilitators internationally. With the aim of offering a comprehensive service unique in Spain, we have developed a serious and reliable customer service, backed by a team with experience in health and hospitality management, who are on call for 24h of each stay, making our guests feel as comfortable as home. We are aware of any worry or stress that an operation or other medical treatment could cause during your period of medical treatment. Medical Stay Group partner with the best Clinics and Phisicians in each therapeutical area: Oncology, Cardiology, Urology, Diagnostic Imagining, Assisted reproduction, Neurosurgery, Stem Cells, Traumatology-Ortopedy,Bloodless Medicine and Surgery, Ophtalmology, Medical Check-up, Pediatrics and neonatals…among Others. We are proud to have a significant number of patients and families from around the world with a very high level of medical satisfaction.

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