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KOGLER Reisedienst Travel Services

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Buchenweg 22 D-82441 Ohlstadt, Germany


  • Tour Operator


KÖGLER travel service - the tour operator for your group travel.

We come from adult education and have been working in Ohlstadt since 1983 at the foot of the home garden for groups of adult education centers, ecclesiastical and association educational institutions, institutions (chambers) and schools. As a tour operator in accordance with Section 651, we assume travel law responsibility for your study trip.

How we work

We are not a travel agency, but independent in every respect, also chain-independent, and not obliged to any provider of tourist services (transport, hotels, etc.) in any way. Our aim is generally to offer you several hotels so that you can choose the best one for you. We also always check the availability of all eligible hotels; from the relevant locations we have all hotels in our database (a total of over 22,000 houses). Our offers are free and non-binding.

after the order - know how
Careful preparation of your planned trip, d. H. the reliable reservation of the various required service providers, such as hotel, bus or flight, is a matter of course. Our know-how is also available. In our databases, as well as in more than 500 archive boxes, there is countless information about target areas, sights and other relevant facts. We also keep a large part of it in our heads and hearts. At the latest with the so-called "tour guide folder" it shows that we want to support you optimally.

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