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Ismena SPA Hotel Bulgaria

Wellness Resorts
  • 4800 Devin Str. Osvobozhdenie, Smolyan, Bulgaria

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  • Spa
  • Wellness
  • Yoga


The goddess of Love
A lot of people ask themselves where the name ISMENA comes from. Ismena is the ancient Thracian goddess of love. It’s not very well known that she /Ismena/ is a heroine from Thebes, who is considered the founder of one of the municipalities in Boeotia.

Ismen is the father of Dirk
, the grandfather of the nymph Kreneya and protector of Thebes. He tried to drown Hippomedon. Ismen is praised in a hymn to Zeus Pindar of Thebes.

Consultative – diagnosis center

Ismena Complex has a modernly equipped consultative – diagnosis center and highly-qualified team of specialists who have all of the international and specialized diplomas and certificates to work with high-technological equipment in the center.

An adventure in the Rhodopes

If you haven’t experienced anything novel lately and the spring weariness torments you – this is an opportunity for a real adventure: Meet face to face the biggest mammal of Bulgaria – the brown bear! Except for the brown bear, you can also encounter other animals of the Rhodopes.

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