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Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Poland

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    INTERMEDLINE, as medical travel company, has in its network the best clinics and hospitals for dental, plastic surgery, other medical treatments or surgeries and spa health care centers in Romania, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and other countries worldwide,  in order to provide you excellent medical services, affordable health care services abroad and attractive medical tourism offers and packages. All facilities in our medical tourism destinations were checked  and we chose the only ones who fulfill all high standards. Our physician collaborators are best doctors both nationally and internationally, they have all required background for you to benefit from exceptional medical services. We offer you the best medical clinics, hospitals and the best doctors abroad at affordable prices in top medical tourism destinations overseas, from which you can choose rapidly  and confidently medical tourism offers , medical tourism packages and medical tourism programs corresponding from all points of view to your requirements. We are also preoccupied to provide you a quality, beautiful and cheap medical vacation and for this we have selected best hotels and travel tours for your stays, days, breaks or weekends abroad during your medical tourism experience overseas or spa holidays. The main goal for us is to reach your highest expectation regarding your medical travel vacations or medical tourism process in medical tourism destinations exposed on our website and to hear that you regained your smile  and happiness. At INTERMEDLINE, we have one single goal for individual medical tourists: to provide you high quality, great healthcare services and affordable medical tourism options for each individual patient, because that is what you are, an individual with a unique set of circumstances, symptoms, health problems and healthcare needs. We also provide medical tourism options for companies and we strive to offer the best medical tourism deals according to their needs.