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Indonesia Medical Assistantverified

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Jl. H. Goden No. 1, Pondok Pinang, Ciputat Raya Jakarta Selatan 12310 Indonesia

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    Indonesia Medical Assistant is the one of the trusted Medical Facilitator in Indonesia .Wealth, power and education are meaningless when loved ones or loved ones get sick. Health is so priceless that they will try in such a way as to seek the best treatment for themselves or their loved ones.Many factors determine whether the patient or his family decides where the patient should seek treatment, for example: which hospital will be addressed, which doctor / specialist will be addressed, how the patient will go to the hospital, how much money to prepare, who will accompany the patient during Treatment and where the family will stay while accompanying the patient's treatment. Vision : Providing the best medical services for patients and their families in a more planned manner. Mission : Helping the patient and his family by providing information and medical assistance needed for the benefit of the patient's treatment. Providing fast and precise service for customer satisfaction. Become a trusted medical assistant and always there when needed. Why Indonesia Medical Assistant? We keep your data and health reports private & confidential.We can help you to get your doctor's opinion in different hospitals before you decide where to go for treatment.>We will still bridge you in communicating with your doctor or hospital after returning home to your health progress.