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  • This Is Life, Wellness Centre, Brighton Road, Elwood VIC, Australia

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In This Life Wellness Travel, offers ways to bring some authenticity back into our often superficial modern day world, with real life experiences and an opportunity to use holiday and break times, for rest, rejuvenation and healthy lifestyle choices. Our hope is that no matter what you are seeking, after a stay at a Wellness Resort, Hotel, Retreat or Spa of your choice, you will depart feeling rejuvenated, revived and reignited in spirit. Our aim is to inspire and to offer the opportunities for you to restore your physical body, explore your inner self, recuperate in nature, at a pace and in a way that is right for you.

Why Use In This Life Wellness Travel?

In This Life Wellness Travel is the first and only Wellness Travel Company in the world to offer a user-friendly live bookings system to search, find, book and co-ordinate your own Wellness travel arrangements. We provide independent Wellness Travel options, allowing complete freedom and flexibility to find and book the experience that is right for you. No set dates, no set itineraries, no set schedules or set daily activities - unless of course you want them - in which case you can organise a jam packed itinerary that suits your needs! 
In This Life Wellness Travel has researched the best Wellness Hotel, Resorts, Retreats & Spas from around the world and has developed the most comprehensive search & booking engine available, for Wellness Travel Online. Instead of having to look through countless Wellness Hotel websites to find a place suitable for your needs, In This Life Wellness Travel helps you find the best Wellness Hotels, Resorts, Retreats and Spas across the world.