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Imithea - Medical Tourismverified

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • 30, 1st May Str. K. Kifissia, Athens 14561 Greece

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    Imithea people, after many years of experience in “patient management”, through various health care providers in Greece as well as abroad, decided to join their forces, together with the scientific support of the associated doctors, creating the unique company existed in Greece, exclusively practicing in “Medical Tourism Patient Management”. Namely, for those people who want to combine their holidays with any medical therapy. Regarding their holidays, our closely co-operators travel agencies, best professionals, will organize everything related with traveling, accommodation, leisure etc, while they will amaze with ideas in organizing enough extraordinary touristy destinations in conjunction of course with the treatment plan. The profit for our clients is multiple:

    • Save medical cost (competitive prices, comparing to other countries involved in medical tourism, even to those from Asia or South America etc.)
    • Not any additional charges for the services provided by Imithea
    • No waiting lists
    • High standard quality medical care or diagnostic services and hospitality
    • Protection of the patient’s privacy as well as human and psychological support
    • There is a key problem with the different infectious diseases, related to the local epidemiology among the countries where the largest percentage of visitors of medical tourism come from (Asia etc.), thus importing the viruses and bacteria when they come back home. Greece, as a European country, has neither been experienced such conditions, nor belonged to this category of countries.
    • Memorable holidays in magic places to visit, excellent climate (ideal for recovery), Greek hospitality and fantastic food, is also what made Greece world recognized.

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