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IBN SINAverified

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • AL-Mashary Building 2nd floor, opp AL-Shimal bank AL-Kindy Street, Alharthiya

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    The idea of Health Tourism, as an independent thing, was made popular in the late 1990s. People from the west travelled to countries in Asia mostly for cosmetic surgeries, for practical reasons of efficiency and cost effectiveness. In these almost two decades, the trend has changed from travel for wellness to a more serious proposition – a wholesome Medical Tourism. The global growth in the flow of patients and health professionals, as well as medical technology across national borders has given rise to new patterns of consumption and production of healthcare services. IBNSINA is dedicated to be an unwavering facilitator of this amazing concept. It bridges the gap between a patient, who is willing to cross international borders, and a wide range of facilities that provide the best medical services in India. Besides offering affordable and accessible travel, along with readily available information to all its patients and clients, the company also aims at providing them a complete peace of mind, by making the entire process smooth and efficient. “YOUR GATEWAY TO WORLD CLASS MEDICAL SERVICES” In 2011, we started this experiment by putting our heart into creating liaisons with the best medical facilities in India. And IBNSINA Medical Tourism PVT Ltd was formed. IBN SINA Today, is a trusted medical service provider and 9. With offices in India and Iraq, we’re continuously expanding our reach and cater to the needs of patients and their families from across countries.