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Gift OV Life - Egg Donor Program

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Gift ov Life 33 Riley Road, Pinewood Office Park, Pinewood Square, Room G19, Woodmead, Johannesburg, 2191

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  • IVF
  • Gynecology


Choosing to “go the egg donor route” is a serious decision that will require a quality egg donor and ongoing professional support. Gift ov life is not about joking terminology. We are leaders in the world of egg donation because we put your needs, and a professional approach, before our own needs for any recognition in the work we do. Its not about us being the most successful, its about you being successful. Its not about us being fabulous, its about you getting pregnant. Genetically responsible Yes, we provide choice with hundreds of available egg donors, but quality is queen. Genetics is paramount when you select an egg donor and at Gift ov life we take time and care when recruiting our donors and we will assist you with understanding genetic versus learnt traits. World class detailed donor profiles with one of the most comprehensive donor screening services according to local and international best practice including childhood pictures, physical attributes, personality, reproductive health, lifestyle, genetic history, medical history, school grades, family history details and more. Only 1 in 15 applications to join our egg donor program are accepted. Are donors are the best there is – inside and out. Our selection process means that Gift ov life recipients have access to first class woman as egg donors.

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