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Fly For Health - A Medical Tourism Company

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • 14th Floor, Justice Tower, Mosul Road, Irbil, Iraq

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FlyForHealth Is a health consultancy and medical tourism company serving patients in Kurdistan/Iraq, Assisting and finding the most advanced and affordable treatment abroad for those who are seeking medical treatment. FlyForHealth is founded by a group of doctors and healthcare management experts. We have an excellent partnership with multiple groups of high standard hospitals and medical centers In Jordan, Turkey, Germany, India, and Iran. All of our hospitals are among the best of their medical specialty, having a unique reputation with the most advanced technology and well-known specialists. Besides the medical field, FlyForHealth provides you all the necessary needs for traveling including Visa, Flight Tickets, Interpreter, Hotel, Transportation..etc. if requested we can also provide you a memorable vacation beside your treatment as your main reason to travel.FlyForHealth is your gateway for wellness and a better health. By choosing us you would be traveling with the best in business in the area.