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Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • 31/11, Armii Krajowej Street, 30-150 Krakow,Poland

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    ESCULAP TOURS  helps to choose the optimum version of your stay in Poland taking into account: your medical services needs, travel expectations and tourist attractions. It is up to you to decide  when, what and how to do it but we may provide you with the best information and help you to arrange things in most comfortable way.   It concerns the schedule of you stay, information on the travel expenses and reservation, coordination of contacts with the services provider. We also arrange negotiated pricing with our contracted partners. We offer access to high standard professional medical services ensuring a human connection and a personalized travel experience.  Medical travelers and their guests are guided through their selection of an appropriate specialist and services,  arrangement for high-quality accommodations, planning for pre- and post-procedure vacations, and answers to questions as they arise. ESCULAP TOURS different from other medical tourism companies? Our  managers and staff are well experienced in medical travel  but what makes us really extraordinary is our cooperation with professionals who have backgrounds in medicine, hospital management and public health., invited to cooperate as an advisory board. Due to such cooperation we provide the knowledge based evaluation of  quality parameters, safety requirements, equipment and track record. ESCULAP  TOURS takes into account the following criteria for choosing hospitals and facilities:

    • accreditation status
    • indicated experience in selected procedures
    • reputation for quality
    • highest international standards in clinical delivery and patients’ rooms
    • world-class medical equipment & infrastructure
    • ability to provide clinical data
    • customer service orientation
    • ability to recognize and satisfy the needs of international patients