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Emergency Assistance Japan - Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance Solutions

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • NRK Koishikawa Bldg., Koishikawa 1-21-14, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002 JAPAN


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In times of need, no matter where they are, members call on Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ) for assistance.    For example, what to do if someone falls ill or suffers injury while traveling far from home? By calling EAJ, members can be assured of access to the best and most appropriate medical facility in their vicinity: EAJ makes all the arrangements, bridging barriers of culture and language, ensuring that the patient correctly understands the doctor's opinion and recommendations, and seeing that the patient's medical emergency is brought to successful resolution.     Or, what if a member needs assistance in making a reservation at a world-famous restaurant or in sourcing rare or difficult to find merchandise? Our Lifestyle Assistance menu covers a full spectrum of concierge services designed to make customers' experiences abroad more enjoyable and more stress-free.

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