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Continuum Healthcare - High End Healthcare Services

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Suite B2, 6/F, Kam Man Fung Bldg, 6 Hong Man Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong


  • Cardiac
  • IVF
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Oncology
  • Cardiovascular


Continuum Healthcare
GreenfieldSince its inception in 2011, CONTINUUM Healthcare has become a high-end healthcare consulting service provider specializing in regenerative medicine, cancer diagnostics, prevention, treatments and alternative therapies. Their staff have over 15 years experience in the medical industry are able to assist clients with most health related matters, from general consultations to cell therapy treatments.

CONTINUUM Healthcare strives to provide its clients with the most exclusive suitable natural solution for their health and wellness needs. You are welcome to contact us directly for more details.

Cell therapy is a type of regenerative medicine using the injection of embryonic organ cells of mountain sheep. Embryonic organ cells have the ability to rejuvenate human cells and effectively restart them, as if they were new. Cell therapy is the practice of inserting the different cell types taken from sheep into an individual. It works on the theory of “like heals like”. For example, if your lungs needed rejuvenating, you would inject a cell suspension containing embryonic lung cells, among others.

Functional and organic circulatory and vascular diseases
→ Circulatory problems
→ Arteriosclerosis
→ Cardiac insufficiency
→ Dysrhythmia
→ Conditions following a heart attack
→ Users of cardiac pacemakers.

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