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AOTRF - Association Of Health Tourism & Corporate Health

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • 127473, Moscow city, Krasnoproletarskaya street, house 30, building 1, floor 3, room IX, room 10

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Health Tourism Association - an association of enterprises operating in the market of sanatorium and resort services and health tourism. It was created with the aim of increasing the awareness of citizens about the possibilities of spa treatment and promoting the brand of “Russian health tourism”.

Assistance in attracting investment in the spa industry, as well as the use of effective marketing technologies for working with consumers and improving the quality of service of Russian health resorts are the highest priorities of the Association.

Our goal - the creation and promotion of the brand of “Russian health tourism” as a way to achieve a high level of health and improve the quality of life of people — will increase the importance of the preventive link in Russian health care and create an attractive consumer and investment environment for the spa industry.
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