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Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • 199/A, 5th floor, Eastern Road,Lane-01, Mohakhali,DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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    Anavara is a customer centric Medical Tourism facilitation company. A global operation with local footprint, we strive to understand the customer’s requirement fully, provide a platform for connecting the customer to the hospital and doctor, and engage in extending all facilities to the customer in undertaking the journey to alleviate his condition. Anavara works in several global locations, presently we cater to clients from Nigeria, our treatment centers are in India, Turkey, Thailand, Hungary, Romania etc. Furthermore we have tied up with a leading partner to provide clinics in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Anavara is passionate about bringing affordable and quality healthcare within the reach of the clients who need it. Anavara focus on 4 main aspects in Medical Tourism – Information, Transparency, Communication and Experience