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AlChalabi Travelverified

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • 30 Meters Street, Haji Hussein Mosque Erbil, Kurdistan Iraq

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    Al Chalabi Travel and Tourism, Founded in 2007, serve the growing tourism market in Iraqi Kurdistan. Thanks to the Al Chalabi experienced and professional team, we make sure you are updated with the latest travel destinations and bargains, and to utilizing all the means of comfort and luxury. We at Al Chalabi, give you the chance to experience the natural and historical beauty of Kurdistan and dreaming of the best holidays ever. Providing the best ticket rates and packages all over the world.

    Why AL Chalabi ?

    What distinguishes us is our team; you will live your travel experience once you enter our state of the art offices.

    AL Chalabi Vision

    To make a luxury travel an obligatory for each individual, remaining number 1 in the travel and tourism field in Kurdistan