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Al-Amal Travelverified

Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • P.O.Box : 5067 Hoora Manama bahrain

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    Al-Amal Travel, tourism and shipping is one of the branches of a hope of Commerce and Industry, one of the offices Bahrain's leading founded in 1978 and has experience in the field of booking and issuing tickets and hotels around the world, as well as shipping services where you send shipments by land, air and sea to the various countries of the world and hope for Travel Tourism and shipping offices specialized in the field of Umrah and physical therapy to the Czech Republic, as well as serve hope most of the government ministries and parastatals and private companies. Services: - Reservations - Tickets - Hotels - Tours - Transport - Car Hire - Programs for Umrah - Cruises - Therapeutic tours - Travel Insurance - Assistance in visa