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Medical Tourism Facilitator
  • Adriatic Health & Care Travel Agency Ltd, Ru

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    Adriatic Health & Care Travel Agency and a travel agency specializing in health tourism with headquarters in Rijeka. He deals with the organization of medical services - dental medicine, aesthetic surgery, rehabilitation and wellness, organization of travel, congresses and events. The well-educated and professional staff of the Adriatic Health & Care Travel Agency cooperate with well-technologically well-equipped clinics and excellent doctors teams provide their clients with high-quality support as well as professional support to make these services accessible, Comfortable and simple for you. Adriatic Health & Care help each client there is an individual approach, according to its necessity, its possibilities and its desires in all segments of this experience. This trip combines tourist and medical services, and is based on organization, information delivery, medical treatment, and customer connection with the clinic and the appropriate doctor.

    Why Croatia is the destination of health tourism

    • The balance of the price and value of the service - the costs of medical care are 50-60% lower than many other countries
    • High standards and the best quality of medical services
    • Experienced and highly qualified doctors
    • The technology equipment of clinics at the highest level
    • Latest and innovative technology solutions
    • Dental work guarantee
    • Property certificates and materials composition
    • Attractive tourist destination


    Wellness is a holistic approach to health, style and lifestyle that emphasizes a healthy and balanced lifestyle, both mental and physical and psychological. Wellness is based on the people's need for active vacation, relaxation, rehabilitation, healthy eating, care and beauty and is especially recommended to counteract today's lifestyles - stress, inner agitation and irritable mood .

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